Water Management

Water Management Service

Our service is designed to conserve water, avoid overuse penalties and waste, take advantage of rebates, and save on water-related costs. Landesign utilizes the latest in water conservation methods and our QWEL Certified Irrigation Technicians can perform an Irrigation Analysis for your property. With this information, we can then evaluate your property to determine which water conservation methods would be most efficient and cost-effective. We then offer recommendations and a proposal to strategically align your vision and goals with a water conservation solution.

  • Complete irrigation-system evaluation
  • Return-on-investment calculations for system upgrades
  • Consulting, design, and installation
  • System maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair
  • Weather-based "smart" irrigation technology
  • 24-Hour emergency service
  • Annual water budgeting

Weathermatic Premier Partner

Landesign is proud to announce our recent elevation of water management services and designation as a Weathermatic Premier Partner, allowing us to provide a new suite of water-saving services to clients who are committed to sustainable water management practices. We can help clients save as much as 38% on their current landscaping irrigation use, and participate in a global water initiative to provide a lifetime supply of water for one person in a thirsty community for every updated controller installed. Current estimates indicate that we will be able to save clients millions of gallons of water each year and in turn redirect those millions of gallons of water to needy communities around the world.


The program is a collaborative effort between Landesign, our clients, and Weathermatic, the innovative developer of smart irrigation controllers and other water-saving technology. Landesign is implementing 24/7 water management services and installing Weathermatic's SmartLink system of irrigation controllers, sensors, and monitoring software to improve watering efficiency, detect leaks and automatically adjust irrigation settings according to hyper-local weather conditions.

The inspection software/app that we have implemented with the new systems allows our technicians to track and report all services provided, thereby allowing our clients to have complete visibility and confidence that all services, repairs, and goals are being executed efficiently. Changes can be made instantly, and the system can shut down a zone remotely if a leak is detected, saving countless gallons of water waste.

Landesign is a comprehensive landscape services provider committed to serving our clients with the latest water-saving "smart" technology and comprehensive water management. We are Weathermatic Premier Partners and as such are fully trained and up to date on the latest technological advances in water and site management. These innovative systems not only help provide better client service and resource savings but also save time and fuel via remote access - providing green solutions by eliminating multiple on-site trips each season to adjust controllers.

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