Landesign provides landscaping services to three hospitals and numerous smaller properties where I oversee the grounds maintenance. Terri, the Business Development Director, takes pride in her crews work and she looks after our properties as if they were her own. Constant communication and follow up to special project requests are her specialty. Landesigns emergency response to fallen trees, broken limbs etc. is always taken care of in a timely manner sometimes by Terri herself loading a tree branch in the back of her truck. They have provided numerous enhancements to our properties at a fair price.

— Gordon D, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

We have been using Landesign for the last 9 years. They do all our landscaping/ irrigation needs at our site in Petaluma (Petaluma Health Center). All of the crew takes pride in their work, and will do any requests that we may have. All of the maintenance crews work hard on making our site look top-notch. If I need anything/or issues, I contact Terri Erlendson (Business Development Director) and she gets it done ASAP..... If you need a Landscaping business that works hard for you, call Landesign.

Jim P, Facilities Director, Petaluma Health Center

Landesign provides commercial services to the HOA I manage in Marin. We could not be happier with the maintenance that the crew provides us! They go above and beyond to keep our complex looking well-kept, clean, and lovely. Terri is a pleasure to work with, she is responsive, personable, and always eager to get things done!

Beatris C, Property Manager, HOA

Landesign Construction & Maintenance, Inc. has made my job in property management not just easier, but more enjoyable as well. Landesign has kept our H.O.A. very happy as they are great at constantly communicating and extremely fast at responding to inquiries and requests. Our property gets frequent visits from Landesign's Business Development Director, Terri Erlendson, which allows for our H.O.A. and Landesign to be on the exact same page at all times, which helps things get done amazingly fast. Earlier this year, Terri and Landesign's President John Fitzgerald walked our entire property with all the H.O.A.'s board members and were happy to answer all questions and take all requests. This 90 minute walkthrough of our property showed Landesign's commitment to making sure they create an amazing relationship with those that they do business with. I have built friendly relationships with landscapers, irrigation specialists, management and office staff as well, as everyone at Landesign aims to please, is professional and dedicated to their work. The landscapers who work on our property are very friendly and always take care of requests from homeowner's on the same day those requests are made, which makes the people who live on our property very happy as the great landscaping is one of the reasons people choose to live on this property. Maurilio, Landesign's Production Manager is not only knowledgeable and diligent, but also a great guy and someone I enjoy collaborating with whenever he is on-site. He is an amazing problem solver and extremely efficient and responsive. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Landesign's Business Development Director, Terri Erlendson rides around with healthy snacks that she happily hands out to maintenance supervisors like myself whenever she visits a property, and it is that attention to detail and personal touch that make Landesign uniquely special and effective at what they do.

Cole H, Property Manager, HOA

It has been a pleasure to work with Landesign. I have been the opening Executive Director for four Oakmont Senior Living Construction projects over the last 5 years, and Landesign has been the landscape contractor for each project. We have found Landesign to be professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs. They also have expertise in irrigation and fertilization.

Sam F., Executive Director, Varenna at Fountaingrove, Santa Rosa

I have really found Landesign to be one of my favorite landscapers. They are consistently responsive and really in-tune to helping my property achieve its vision. Even though I have to do things slowly and on a minimal budget, Landesign has really worked with us to achieve systematic improvements to the property, and it's in better shape now than when Landesign started.

Property Manager, Steward Properties, Petaluma

Landesign's crew maintaining Lincoln Manor is hardworking, conscientious, and polite. Lincoln Manor is looking very good!

Lincoln Manor, HOA Board Member, Santa Rosa

Thanks to Landesign's crew for the work they are doing at the school. They are doing an amazing job of keeping up on all the trimming and lawn maintenance. The grounds show great!

Daniel S., Property Manager, Petaluma

As the Property Manager for the Pacheco Plaza Center LLC, I am pleased to recommend Landesign. They have been instrumental in the execution of a major landscape remodel for our 7 acre Pacheco Plaza Center in Novato, CA. The project entailed a completely new landscape installation from hardscape to plant materials, trees and irrigation, as well as bio-swales within the parking field. We found them to be very professional with regard to their management of the budget, as well as plant sourcing and landscape installation of both irrigation and plant materials.

Upon their completion of the installation, we felt confident that they would be the best choice for the continued maintenance of this project. They have proved that was the right decision.

Our Account Manager is an efficient professional and caring rep, and we are very pleased to have the privilege of working with her. She coordinates the maintenance crews and stays on the work schedule making sure everything we have requested is properly and quickly addressed. This saves us considerable time and effort on our end. Under her supervision, the property has never looked better.

I can highly recommend Landesign for any project you may be considering them for in the landscape construction and maintenance field.

Property Manager, Pacheco Plaza Center LLC, Novato

I have lived in Oakmont for the past 15 years. Now that Landesign is here, we are receiving the best service I have ever experienced.

Mesa Oaks, HOA Board Member, Santa Rosa

We are very pleased with the prompt attention and the follow-up we receive when working with our Account Manager from Landesign. He has always been responsive and works beyond the call of duty.

Donna H., Mesa Oaks, HOA, Santa Rosa

Landesign keeps our landscape looking good. They always come when I have a 911. Our account manager is great!

John W., Pace Supply, Santa Rosa

Landesign always respond to our requests in a timely and professional manner.

David F., Markham Vineyards

Excellent communication and quick response time! Everything is great! I love the monthly updates from our Account Manager! They make my job easier. The Landesign crews always show up, communicate, and work with management.

Melissa W., Woodgate Glen HOA

Workers are well trained and polite, on time and ready to work. They always remove all of the debris from our site!

Valerie S., Burbank Heights & Orchards

Communicating- Staying on top of keeping landscaping trimmed and pretty without weeds. Can't better what is already TOPS

Janne K., Steward Property Services, Inc

Landesign is reliable and do a good job of caring for our landscaping. They bring our attention to things which are not part of the everyday maintenance that should have work done.

Elinor C., Fall Green HOA

Our Account Manager always gets back to me right away and is always willing to do site visits with me.

Cindy L., Coleman Valley HOA

Landesign is dependable, consistently provides general landscape maintenance.

Kathleen W., Village Green II.

Quick response time, customer service, keeping our grounds looking good! Our account manager excellent representative for Landesign.

Kathy W.

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