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  • Well managed and on the ball! Yet another reason why we are pleased…— Dave K., West Haven HOA
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  • I am very happy with how the landscaping is being taken care of.— Traci V., Property Manager, Joseph Murphy Corporation
  • One of my favorite landscapers. They are consistently responsive…— Property Manager, Steward Properties
  • We have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and responsive.— Sam F., Executive Director of Varenna at Fountaingrove
  • First class from estimating to project management to the finished project.— Mark D., President of Wright Contracting Inc.
  • Now that Landesign is here, we are receiving the best service I have ever experienced.— Homeowner, Mesa Oaks HOA

Sustainable Landscaping

Over the last two decades Landesign has grown alongside the communities it serves. As our communities grow, they require more resources and produce more waste. Landesign prides itself on playing an active role in efficiently managing our communities’ resources, reducing waste, and preventing pollution. Your sustainable landscaping will enhance the curb appeal of your property, increase its value, and save you money.

Landscape Enhancement & Renovation

sustainable landscape

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Landesign’s sustainable landscape design specialist will create a beautiful low-impact landscape solution for your property. To reduce the amount of resources required by your landscaping, our design specialist can implement low water-use plant alternatives in lawn and groundcover areas. These renovated areas will contain beautiful seasonally flowering drought resistant grasses, shrubs, and trees.

All unplanted surfaces will be covered with mulch or bark to help retain water and prevent run-off, moderate soil temperature, and prevent the germination of weeds.

Water Management

Water management is the single most crucial aspect of sustainable landscapes. Landesign will analyze your property’s current irrigation system and will replace inefficient spray irrigation with efficient drip irrigation systems. Landesign will install a “smart controller” to ensure your landscaping receives the proper amount of water at all times and will help you take advantage of the smart irrigation controller rebate. Learn more about our water management services.